Squeezing the Juice out of Summer

Written by Jacquie Heil - June 21, 2018

Today marks the change of the seasons and the arrival of summer.  The impressions that summer evokes for me are joy, simplicity, and lightness.  Summer is after all about a shedding of layers, a relaxation of schedules, of adventures and exploration and long days in which to linger.

Routines unwind and let go as many commitments are shelved until the fall.  Families travel, impromptu get-togethers occur, and we spend more time outdoors connecting with neighbors and friends.  Everyone seems happier.

Summer is a nostalgic season of traditions and carefree living…barefoot beach walks, ice pops, concerts, picnics, family vacations and getting lost in a good book.  It is an opportunity to recapture the joys of childhood as well. Last year my husband Mark gave me a bicycle for my birthday and now we spend our summer weekends cruising through our little beach village on bicycles, rather than getting in the car.

Simplifying some aspects of your life during the season allows for the space to focus on what is most important to you.  There are many things you can simplify in the summer such as your schedule, your wardrobe, your meal planning, and your projects. By doing so, you free yourself to connect with your inner child, explore your hometown or another, and be open to new experiences that only summer can bring.  Be authentic to your vision of what summer should look like and boldly dive into the activities that bring you joy.  

Do the things that make your heart sing, even if no one else joins in. As with everything in life, you must choose.  Will you look back upon your summer in a few months and have fond memories or regrets? Keep a checklist of juicy things you would like to do this summer and then go squeeze the juice out of them. You may not get to each and every one, but you will be happy and fulfilled by the things you do.  Furthermore, you will be grateful that you let all the non-essential tasks fall by the wayside. 

I really like the following post by Joshua Becker of Becoming Minimalist and have seen it referenced on numerous blogs.  If we continue to simplify, there is room for more of the juicy things in life.


Happy Summer!