Home Organizing


Your home should feel like a sanctuary and restore your mind, body and spirit.  To support you, it must be built on a foundation that enhances your lifestyle, your personality type, your needs and those of your family.

Do you find yourself feeling filled up or depleted by your surroundings?  

With over 15 years of design, spacing planning and organization experience, I can assist you in creating a space that optimally supports and sustains you.  

  1. First, we assess your space in relation to your goals.
  2. A custom-tailored plan is developed and presented after our first meeting.
  3. We break the work into actionable steps of space planning, decluttering, and organization sessions.
  4. We create a sustainable plan for keeping organized once the magic happens.

Service include the following or any other home productivity planning needed:

  • Closets
  • Kitchens and Pantries

  • Entertainment Areas

  • Garages

  • Kids Rooms and playrooms

  • Home Offices

  • "Downsizing"

  • Staging/Prepping for a Move

  • Setting up a New Home

  • Empty Nest refresh

Services are available locally in San Diego and Orange County, California.