Life is Messy ~ Enlist the Support of Others

Written by Jacquie Heil - May 31, 2018

Allow Others To Support You.

Overwhelmed?  Who is not these days?  I am aware that this subject is frequently discussed in the self-help industry lately, perhaps because I just came through a season of feeling submerged myself.  When too many demands weigh upon us, it is easy to feel like you're drowning, but the important goal is to overcome the pull of the current rather than be swept away in the tide.

Sometimes it requires us to just get back to basics:

sleep. eat. move.

When nothing else seems to be going right, doing these three essential things are a lifeline.

Boundaries are also very important:  say no.

Other times, we need to allow ourselves to reach out and ask for help which many of us have difficulty doing.  Enlisting the support of others is a form of self-validation which acknowledges the VALUE of YOU and your unique needs.

Support comes in many different packages and requires us to be clear on what it is we need.  For example, maybe what you require is comfort and consolation in a time of distress or sadness.  In this case your need is for solace.  When you experience a tough turn of events, particularly one you did not see coming, your soul needs to be comforted.  Solace transforms and transmutes your grief and challenges into something better. Solace means clearing, soothing, and lightening.

Perhaps you need nurturing.  If you know someone who is really good at this, you will reap the benefits of unconditional love.  Nurturing is reengaging with your essential sense of self; what matters most and the resources to cultivate those things.

You may need some tough love.  Self-loathing is like trying to swim in a swamp of mud and if you find that you are not moving in any direction, you may need to call upon your own version of a Navy SEAL for an extraction and a swift kick in the butt.  It seems easier at times to deny the truth and hide under a rock.  Well, you aint going anywhere until you face what is front of you.  Know that nothing can crush you. Nothing.

I have been through a lot of adversity throughout my life (who hasn't), but I've learned that my challenges pale in comparison to someone elses.  When I believe that I do not have the strength and internal fortitude to make it through, I am always surprised that I do make it to the other side of the storm.  The weather changes, the sun returns, there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  Usually there is encouragement and support along the way by the ones who love us, and sometimes by those we did not expect to be there.  

Ask for loving support when you need it, it whatever form you need it.  Be grateful for Its presence, and reciprocate loving kindness to others when you see the need.